Standard DJ Pricing

The following prices are for the total package.

There are no other fees included unless there is an

equipment move from one location to the other

for example:

(The ceremony and reception are in different locations more than 100 ft. away from each other).

There is a different charge for lighting

 5 hours / $500
  • DJM S9 Pioneers newest mixer
  • 2 Numark NDX 500 CDJ’s, ,
  • 3 Electro voice ZLX 15inch Woofers
  • Black Felt Facade
  • dance floor lights upon request


We take pride in our hard work and dedication to give all events thehigh-quality treatment of a professional disc jockey

Music Selection

Because here you will find always a valuable contribution in the selection of the music for your event


Because there is an opinion on our work and performance to make it more competitive in the industry


Because there is a reference to which you can rest assured that you’re getting the best service possible