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Best DJ Equipment in Raleigh, NC for Rent

DJ Equipment in Raleigh, NC

Siresounds Mobile DJ equipment in Raleigh, NC has seen a transformation in music technology, especially DJ and electronic equipment. Traditional DJ gear like direct-drive turntables, mixers, and media players are still available. Still, today’s live performances are dominated by newer, more powerful controllers that plug into even more powerful software platforms. The electronic music creation tools available at Siresounds Mobile DJ are on par with those found elsewhere. A similar statement can be made about the DJ lighting and audio equipment quality.

Dj Equipment from Siresounds Mobile DJ in Raleigh, NC

No matter how large your gathering is, Siresounds Mobile DJ in Raleigh, NC, has the equipment to ensure everyone can hear you. The following are some options to consider:

Serato DJ Software

Siresounds Mobile DJ in Raleigh, NC uses Serato DJ Pro as their primary DJ software. They widely use Serato DJ Pro because of its versatility and ability to help them produce original shows. It powers the best artists worldwide when they play in the best concert halls. Serato DJ Pro has official support for over 90 different pieces of high-quality hardware. Every component works together to make the experience as satisfying as possible.

DJM-S9 Pioneer Mixer

Raleigh, North Carolina’s Siresounds Mobile DJ, offers a professional DJ mixer with assignable FX buttons/pads and a programmable Magvel Pro crossfader. With high-quality audio circuitry inherited from our flagship DJM-2000NXS 4-channel digital mixer, the DJM-S9 is a durable, professional-grade digital mixer that can withstand even the most furious scratch performances.

EV Powered Speakers

Electro-new Voice’s product development efforts are directed at matching the ever-rising standards of the international entertainment industry. Each EV loudspeaker is made with the utmost dependability in mind during the planning, development, and testing phases.

Wireless Microphones

To function, a wireless microphone must not be hardwired into the recording or amplification device. In most cases, the mobility afforded to the performer by a wireless microphone is the most immediately visible advantage. With this set-up, a performer or speaker can roam around the stage and even into the audience without losing any quality of their voice.

Dance floor lighting

Bright, moving lights on the dance floor create an energizing atmosphere and get people in the party spirit. How a room is lighted has been found to impact how people in it feel significantly. Siresounds Mobile DJ’s event lighting services may transform your banquet space into your wildest party desires.

Sure sounds Mobile DJ Equipment Rental Pricing in Raleigh, NC

For a daily rate of $350, Siresounds Mobile DJ offers customers the opportunity to hire DJ equipment.

Bottom Lines

When renting sound equipment, Siresounds Mobile DJ has you covered with anything from complete sound system packages to powerful speaker rentals. They offer rental services for some of the most cutting-edge audio equipment that the industry has to offer. In every piece of professional audio rental gear they have available, they uphold the quality to the most significant possible degree.