Sound Equipment

Sound Equipment Rental Charlotte NC

Sound Equipment Rental Charlotte NC

Looking for sound equipment rental in Charlotte, NC but aren’t sure what you’ll need?

You’ve rented projectors to get your message through visually; now it’s time to get it across audibly. Siresounds Mobile DJ has everything from entire sound equipment rental packages to thunderous speaker rentals to keep your audience rapt. Their selection of audio equipment for hire is among the most modern available. All of their professional audio rental gear is meticulously cared for and tested for quality before being made available to customers. Finally, it is delivered in a specialized case with the right cables.

Technologies of Sound equipment rental in Charlotte NC

Siresounds Mobile DJ in Charlotte NC have the means to ensure that everyone in the room can hear you, no matter how big the group may be. Among the available choices are the following:

Serato DJ Software

Serato DJ Pro is the world’s most widely used DJ software, from the utterly unknown to the best names in the industry. DJs everywhere know they can rely on Serato DJ Pro to help them create unique sets. Because of this, it fuels the performances of some of the world’s most excellent musicians at the most prestigious venues. More than 90 pieces of top-tier hardware are officially supported in Serato DJ Pro. Everything works together harmoniously to provide the greatest possible experience.

DJM-S9 Pioneer Mixer

We introduce the DJM-S9, The Magvel Pro crossfader, and FX buttons/pads are entirely programmable, allowing you to personalize the mixer to your preferred DJing workflow. The DJM-S9 is a rugged, professional-grade digital mixer that can handle even the most intense scratch performances, thanks to its high-quality audio circuitry passed down from our flagship DJM-2000NXS 4-channel digital mixer.

EV Powered Speakers

When creating new products, Electro-Voice is focused on meeting the ever-rising standards of the global entertainment industry. The utmost dependability is built into every EV loudspeaker from the design, engineering, and testing stages.

Wireless Microphones

Simply put, a wireless microphone is a microphone that does not have a hardwired connection to the audio capture or amplification device. The most noticeable benefit of a cordless microphone is the freedom of movement it provides the performer. Using this apparatus, a singer or public speaker can move freely about the stage, even amid the audience, without compromising the clarity of their sound.

Illumination of the dance floor

The visual impression of bright, dancing lights on the dance floor helps get people in the mood and amplifies the apparent energy. Researchers have shown that how a space is lit significantly affects how people in it feel.

Siresounds Mobile DJ Equipment Rental Pricing:

For $350 per day, you can rent equipment from Siresounds Mobile DJ.

Final Thoughts

Siresounds Mobile DJ in Charlotte NC is here to assist with any technological needs, whether temporary or permanent, for any size event or occasion. Compared to competitors, no other firm can equal their team’s depth of knowledge, the effectiveness of their procedure, or the high standard of their tools.